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Why Billboard Bands

Billboard Bands WristbandsWhat Makes Billboard Bands So Powerful?

  1. Reaches coveted target, adults aged 18-34 or 21–34. Upwardly mobile trendsetters in key metropolitan markets
  2. Delivers high impact: On-person messaging over multiple hours and multiple people yields multiple impressions while ‘living’ with your target
  3. Provides a desirable environment - a trendy, engaging and uncluttered social setting, reaching your target where they choose to gather and play
  4. It’s Exclusive: Billboard Bands is the exclusive provider of wristbands in its club network and each advertiser is the exclusive advertiser at any one time, offering single-brand communication
  5. Involves your customers with promotional overlay
  6. Supports drive-to-store and drive-to-web strategy with call-to-action features
  7. Associates your brand with the trendiest clubs
  8. It's completely turn-key
  9. Priced to deliver value

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