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Billboard Bands: Reaching For Wrists

January 29, 2007

The must-have accessory for club kids today? Not an ironic platform shoe or a T-shirt that changes colors as one sweats, but those mandatory, generic, hospital-style bracelets that require a blade or Houdini-like skill to remove. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a plan to present the blank, six-square-inch canvas as advertising media.

Billboard Bands is ready to broker that deal. With a network of 150 clubs in 20 DMAs, the company says it can deliver more than 1 million bands a month to give brand clients a national or local presence. Clubs get free wristbands, and brands get exposure at social gatherings via four-color ads that can include bar codes, tear-off coupons and other features. Officially launching this month, the company has deals with The Global Fund's AIDS campaign and GFH Boards, which is promoting its action sports equipment at Sundance events.

Company execs cite positive stats: 63% of respondents wear bands until they get home, and 34% say they don't take them off until the next day or later. Besides reaching kids in a relaxed environment, added CEO Fred Epstien: "When you're drinking, you're constantly bringing that band up to your face." —Becky Ebenkamp

Marketer: Billboard Bands, S. Norwalk, Conn.
Agency: Hyphen Marketing, New Canaan, Conn.
Key Players: BB: Fred Epstien, CEO/co-founder; Hyphen: Nancy LaPerla, partner