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DECEMBER 5, 2007 and Billboard Bands Wristbands to “Wrap” WHY’s Message on Club-Goers Nationwide

AUGUST 31, 2007
Amp3 Public Relations Presents the Official After-Party for “Grey” by Koury Angelo
A Fashion Week Kick-off Celebration – with Spirits Sponsor, TY KU and DJ Dom Rocket

AUGUST 10, 2007
Amp3 Public Relations "The Nightlife Social Network" Successfully Launches to the NY City Public

JULY 31, 2007
Amp3 Public Relations
Vitamin Energy Presents the Launch of

April 12, 2007
Media Post
Joint Promo: HBO Tries Wrist Bands

April 11, 2007

Cataldi PR
Billboard Bands Strikes Ad Deal with HBO's "Entourage''

April, 2007
Other Advertising
Nightclubs Band Together for Wrist Branding

February 1, 2007
The Advocate
Wrist branding: Norwalk firm gets VIP admission for advertisers

January 31, 2007
DM News
Billboard Bands get ads in the door at top clubs

January 29, 2007
Billboard Bands: Reaching For Wrists

January 25, 2007
Media Life
Drink to this: Ads on club wristbands

January 24, 2007
Billboard Bands Puts Offers on Wristbands

January 22, 2007
Beverage Industry News
Billboard Bands™ Employs ‘Wrist Action’ to pioneer a new non-traditional advertising platform targeting 21 - 34 year olds in nightclubs coast-to-coast

January 22, 2007
Hip Hop Press
Billboard Bands(TM) Employs 'Wrist Action' to Pioneer a New Non-Traditional Advertising Platform Targeting 21-34 Year Olds in Nightclubs Coast-to-Coast