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Billboard Bands has launched, the first social networking site created exclusively for the nightlife community. Designed to integrate club-goers, entertainers and clubs into a single, dynamic community, PMbuzz is the dedicated hub for the nightlife scene. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Locally focused: initially launched in New York City, with plans for future metro rollouts soon.
  • A full suite of social networking capabilities: members create profiles, identify friends, share media (photos, music and video), blog and more.
  • Four different tiers of users make up the community:
    1. People: club-goers sign up and create profiles
    2. Member-created groups: members create groups based on interests -- from going out together to fan clubs for DJs -- and socialize through these groups
    3. Nightclub entertainers: DJs and musical artists create pages to
      communicate with their fan bases and to showcase their latest beats.
    4. Clubs: Through their own profile pages, nightclubs promote their
      venues and upcoming events, connecting with patrons via friend's lists (called 'Crowds').
  • A robust calendar enables members to communicate events and coordinate
    social plans through message blasts to their friend's lists -- and then helps them manage who's going where.
  • Certification by PMbuzz of all entertainers and night clubs.
  • FREE for all members and tiers, including clubs and DJs/entertainers.