Introducing Billboard Bands..
Elusive, young adult opinion leaders….delivered!

Now the A-list is within arm’s reach. Billboard Bands’ wristbands provide an unprecedented opportunity to cut through advertising clutter and directly impact young, upwardly mobile A21-34 or A18-34.

Billboard Bands WristbandsWristbands are a requisite part of the nightclub experience across the country, used for admission, re-entry and special VIP access. As the exclusive provider of wristbands to the top clubs and music venues in major markets nationwide, Billboard Bands has created wristbranding to let you wrap your brand message right around the wrists of trendsetting, hard-to-reach working professionals. The wristbands are worn not only for the entirety of the club-goer’s stay, but through post-clubbing activities, ultimately removed at home at the end of the night…or the next morning!

Providing highly-visible, advertiser-exclusive, on-person messaging, Billboard Bands offers an innovative platform for creative advertising and promotion on a national or regional scale- through many of America’s most exclusive nightspots.

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